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From: Cyril Crocker <cyguy_at_...>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 12:38:11 -0500

On January 19, 1998 4:51 AM, Mark Humphries (EUKFINC1PO)
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> When reading through a recent WD , I found that if you put infiltrators
> drop pods you are then allowed to use thier Infiltrate ability to get an
> extra move once they are placed!! Up until now we had been only allowing
> this extra move if they started on the board. Which is best?
> I would also like any suggestions on using Infiltrators. It has been an
> unmitigated failure each time I have used them . I play Tyranids with
> Lictors at the front a large detachment. When used like this my opponent
> either charges them with a smaller detachment or beats them in a
> Once this happens the whole detachment has to retreat even if they where
> 20cm away and only one Lictor was engaged.

I haven't played with infiltrators in the new system, but in SM/TL I'd use
my eldar scouts to get in real close to protect my warlocks so they'd be
free to use their psychic powers to lock my opponents titans for my Doom
Weaver artillery to take care of.

Cyril Crocker
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