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From: Richard Bright <r.bright_at_...>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 10:10:11 +1200 ()

On Fri, 13 Feb 1998 14:07:57 +1200 Sean Robert Smith
<srsmith_at_...> wrote some tournament rules
proposals for the New Zealand National Championship:

Hi Sean,
I've pondered your suggestions over the weekend. Before I
begin, let me thank you for youe efforts. If this
competition gets off the ground it is due to your efforts
and I appreciate the thought and time you're putting in.
The following comments are merely suggestions offered in
good faith. Sorry about the caveat, but I seem to cause
offence on this list with alarming ease :-)

In case anyone is wondering why I'm posting this to the
group at large, I hope that we in NZ can benefit from the
tournament experience of the rest of you.

> - Size 1750 points

I can live with that, but is it deliberate that the limit
precludes Dominatrices?

> - No more than 25% of the points value of any army maybe composed of flyers1.
> - No more than 50% of the points value of any army maybe composed of war
> engines2.
> - No more than 50% of the points values of any army maybe composed of a
> combination of flyers and war engines.


> - No more than 34% of the points value of a army that contains Imperial
> Guard units maybe composed of spacemarine units.

This one puzzles me. The list was designed to include both
Marines and Imps (WD215) so I would rather leave the list
without restrictions. Perhaps a minimum limit should be set
for Marines if a player wants to receive the improved
strategy rating (min 30% marines if the SR is to rise from
2 to 4).
> - The same army must be used throughout the competition.

This is perhaps the best limit on composition. If you have
to fight several different scenarios with the same army you
will have to pick a balanced force. Gimmicky armies will be
a liability in at least some of the scenarios.
> - Players must normally use the correct models represent units (old citadel
> models are fine e.g old titans and Eldar vehicles). Exception will be made
> were all the following apply:
> - The model cannot be purchased in New Zealand or by overseas mail order,
> - The replacement model is the correct scale and painted,
> - The replacement looks similar model it is replacing,
> - The same type of replacement model is being used to represent only one
> type of unit on the battlefield
> - the umpire agrees that the replacement adquatley model the unit that it
> is supposed to be.

A tad wordy, but then again I was pretty incensed at
'Battlecry' two years ago when some git played unpainted
doomwings as THawks!

> Fate Cards
> - In each battle the player with the lowest points value army will be dealt
> five fate cards, the player with highest points value army will be dealt
> four cards3.
> - Players with Imperial armies may use the �Emperors Tarot
> - Players with none Imperial armies must use their race specific fate
> cards. These fate cards must be dealt using method 1 and 2 in White Dwarf
> 2145.


> Format
> The round robin will the format of the competition. Each player will play
> five games (one in the moring and one the afternoon) and a final will be
> fought between two players have greatest number of competition points. The
> final will fought in the afternoon on the last day of the convention.
> During the round robin no player will fight any other player more than
> once.


> Optional Rule
> - The following optional rules in White Dwarfs will be used in the club
> championships:
> - Flyers may perform 'Evac' and 'Counterstrike' missions6,
> - Thunderhawks may carry Dreadnoughts and Rhinos, but no other type of vehicle7,
> - An imperial player may use one of the alternative detachments in White
> Dwarf number 210.
> - Gargoyles may perform their own transport missions8,
> - Swooping Hawks can use the drop pod rules9,
> - Support Weapons and Whirlwinds maybe used as flak, but it must be noted
> on a players army list which are being used as flak10,


> - Vortex missiles will be treated as D6 anti-tank shots, instead of death
> ray shoots11, any hits they inflict will still cause
> automatic criticals.

Not sure about this. This is not so much an alteration or
update to the rules so much as the personal preference of a
WD writer. I'd be inclined to leave the rule alone.

> Rule Disputes
> - Players should first try and settle disputes over rules between
> themselves in a spirit of fair play.
> - If players cannot settle a dispute between themselves, then one of the
> organisers can be asked to act as an umpire. The umpires decision is final,
> it may not be disputed or appealed.
> - If one if an umpire is involved in a game where there is a rule dispute,
> the other umpire will act as an referee.
> Scenerios
> - At the beginning of the convention a draw will conducted to determine the
> type of battle players will be playing in each round of the round robin.
> All players will play the same type of battle during same round. The
> following six types battle will be in the draw: ambush, blitzkrieg, dawn
> assault, escalating engagement meeting engagement, plantary assault. Each
> type of battle will drawen for only one round of the round robin. A
> separate draw will be conducted to determine what type of battle the two
> players will play in the final. Ambush will not be one of the types of
> battle in the draw for the final


> Terrain
> - Maybe chosen by any agreed method, then an umpire will place the terrain.

Practically it will be easier to have the players
themselves place the terrain. I've never run into problems
doing this before.
> Winning the Championship
> - Players will score one championship point per outright victory and half a
> championship point per tactical victory.
> - The Epic 40k final will be fought between the two players with the most
> championship points after five rounds, on 29 March.
> - If two players have the same number of championship points, then the
> player who has on average, won battles by a greater number of morale
> points, will be given the higher ranking.
> - A bye will be worth 15 morale points and 1 championship point.
> Umpires
> To be appointed.
> 1 White Dwarf 215, page 99.
> 2 White Dwarf 215, page 99.
> 3 As per the rules on page 16 of the �Battles Book�.
> 4 White Dwarf 210, page 48.
> 5 White Dwarf 214, page 64.
> 6 White Dwarf 214, page 94 & 95.
> 7 White Dwarf 214, page 97.
> 8 White Dwarf 214, page 97.
> 9 White Dwarf 214, page 97.
> 10 White Dwarf 215, page 99.
> 11 White Dwarf 215, page 99.


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