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From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 12:55:53 +0100 (MEZ)

Below is the only completely correct version. Nevertheless I cannot
declare Carl the winner because of his wrong guess before. Still, looking
into old WDs should not win you the contest either ;-)

The correct names are:
"imperial glaive heavy battletank" (baneblade) and
"imperial falchion heavy self propelled gun" for the shadowsword.

Nobody knew the 2-arm version of the ork DNs is named "killer"

The next 2 questions will be mailed monday.

> >> >Are you familiar with the following 2 names?
> >> >
> >> >-Glaive
> >> >-Falchion
> >> >
> >> >Question 1: In which GW games do they appear and for what?
> >
> >WD 128? 120? Thereabouts. They're IG SuperHeavies, since renamed
> >Stormhammer and umm... another one. Shadowsword?
> >
> Yep, when I looked them up they definitely look like the Baneblade and
> Shadowsword (they can be found in WD120)
> Someone also answered that they were (medieval) hand weapons from D&D, but
> that was a game which GW never marketed (I think). They could have appeared
> in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (and therefore also in WFB), and in ancient
> times GW once licensed Runequest (3rd edition ?) where they also could have
> appeared.
> >> >Quastion 2: What is a "Killer Dreadnought"?
> >
> >Dunno, but I believe a 4-armed Ork DN, as opposed to the 2-armed one. In
> >Epic, the latter is only available in metal, and is OOP.
> Everyone was wrong (including me), 'cause according to WD117 (Adeptus
> Titanicus Orks), the Killer Dreadnought is the one with the 2 arms, while
> the Onslaughter Dreadnought is the one with the 4 arms.
> If anyone is interested, I have scanned the 'answers' into a single picture
> of the Glaive, Falchion, Killer Dreadnought and Onslaughter Dreadnought Data
> Cards (which appeared about 100 WDs ago), along with a B&W unpainted mini of
> the Glaive. Just mail me privately if you want the pic.
> Carl Billen
> billenc_at_...
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