Re: [Epic] Serious battlemap error!

From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 08:08:54 +1300 (BST)

On Tue 03 Mar, Carl Woodrow wrote:

I am not intending send the map to list again Carl, and my since apologies
for the affect it had on your mail.

> Sean,
> I don't know what was in that last attachment, but it blew may mail box to
> the warp and back. Somehow the file corrupted my mail and jammed up my ISP's
> mailbox...I've just spent all day on the phone trying to sort it out and recover
> Outlook which keeled over with all the excitement and refused to work anymore.
> It may be an idea to put the file up on some web space somewhere so we can go and
> download it ourselves, that way even if the file has an error it won't cause any probl
> ems
> other than refusing to open when renamed.
> Sorry to appear so ungrateful, especially as I would really like to see those maps, bu
> t
> I don't think I want to go through that again :)
> Was it just me, or did anyone else have problems with the file attachment?
> Surely I can't have pissed the Gods of Chaos off again all on my own :)
> Best
> Carl

Sean Smith
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