Re: [Epic] Jetbike question

From: Francois Bruntz <fbruntz_at_...>
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 04:22:40 PDT

Richard Newbre a �crit :

>A question came up during my first game. I placed a detachment of
>on jetbikes,

Do you want to say that you bought Harlequins and that you've upgraded
them into jetbikes?

> drove them close to combat and dismounted them for an assault.

You dismounted them? You mean that they were jetbikes units and then
they became standard Harlequin units?

>Aaron says that this tactic is illegal and that there is a Q& A on >it.
>anyone have a reference on it?

I don't know anything about this but ,as I understood the problem, it
seems to be a bit illegal.
Anyway, the idea is interesting.

Francois Bruntz
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