RE: [Epic] Chaos Land Raiders

From: Jonathan Westmoreland <JonW_at_...>
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 09:52:07 -0600

I've been waiting for this one.

Seeing how Chaos can not only take Land Raiders, but
Predators, Daemon Engines, and Imperial Guard tanks
(also artillery. I don't have the Armies book in front of
me, so I can't verify this). All of this comes from being
able to field not only Chaos, but Daemon detachments
and Chaos Cult detachments.

I can see some really, really evil Chaos armies coming
out in August (when the Chaos stuff is finally released).

Being a Chaos player who has yet to field a Chaos army
under the new rules, I like this. But, what about everyone

Have any of the other Chaos players fielded one of these
mostly vehicle forces? If so, how did it fare?

For everyone else, do you get the feeling that Chaos will
be even more evil than Marines? (I do.)

Jonathan Westmoreland
Innocence proves nothing.

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> How come no one complains about Chaos having Land Raiders, it's the
> same
> cost.
> Not that I'm complaining, if you take a balanced approach to army
> creation
> then any unit is good. I personally like to take Land Raiders for my
> command
> units in Marine Infantry detachments, gives me some nice killing power
> to
> support the infantry. I do not however, take Land Raiders as Support
> Units.
> And I only use 4-6 land raiders in an army. I have 12
> Tyler
> Tyler
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