Re: [Epic] Chaplins in CC

From: S. Birol Akmeric <nethol_at_...>
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 1997 11:01:06 +0200

> >I wonder if anyone can help me with this,
> >If I have an Space Marine assault detachment accompanied by a Chaplin
> >they are pounced on by loads of Eldar jekbikes, what`s to stop the Eldar
> >player electing to fight the Chaplin first then fight the Assault
> >after they have lost their +1 CAF from the Chaplin? I can`t find
> >in the rules to stop this, but it does seem to go against the spirit of
> >rules.
> The way my group has always resolved close combat is that the effects of
> don't actually resolve until the end of the phase, and then happen
> simultaneously. While the rules don't actually state that this happens,
> couldn't figure out any other logical way to run them with running into
> problems with this and with, did this titan break this company and get XP
> for it? We just always assumed it was one of those little things that
> slipped through the cracks of GW playtesting, so under my system frex,
> broken companies wouldn't have the broken penalties until after the CC
> Michael the Liu

I agree. Actually I don't think it's a house rule at all, and follows from
the logic of the original rules. Since close combat takes place
simultaneously among troops, they wouldn't realize that the chaplain is
dead until after the phase. Consider the example of nobz leading ork boyz:
boyz cannot be given order if there are no nobz within 10cm of their mob.
However, they obey the already given orders *even if the nobz are killed*.
You don't flip the order counters back when the nobz are killed. Similarly,
the effect of any stands that improve (or weaken) any fighting attributes
should be valid through the whole phase.

S. Birol Akmeric
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