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On Sun, 30 Aug 1998, Scott Shupe wrote:

> Alan E & Carmel J Brain wrote:
> >
> > Scott Shupe wrote:
> >
> > > The flyer detachment is not a Chaos Space Marine detachment,
> > > so if you take flyers you lose the 5 strategy rating. A pure CSM
> > > army would be composed of nothing but Chaos Space Marine, Chaos
> > > Marine Armor, and Supreme Commander (Warmaster, no Daemon Prince)
> > > detachments.
> >
> > I disagree. The touchstone I use, which I've stated in another post, is
> > that if a detachment can have CSMs in it, it's a CSM detachment for the
> > purposes of the strategy rating.
> Well that's why (in my mind), you should only get the
> CSM strat rating of 5 if your army is composed of nothing but
> CSM models - i.e. no daemon engines, not even in support of
> a CSM infantry det.

Given that the word 'detachments' is prominently used on pg 77 (as in "If
the force is compeltely made up of Chaos Space Marine detachments...") I
have to disagree with this interpretation. I figured that an army
consisting of only those detachments labeled as Chaos Space Marine - ie
Chaos Space Marine Detachment and Chaos Space Marine Armoured Detachment -
plus arguably a Warmaster Supreme Commander could be considered to have a
strategy rating of 5, regardless of what is actually in those detachments.

I could be wrong, of course.
> > As regards Chaos Artillery, EVERY ONE of the unit types in question can
> > be found in a CSM detachment. In fact, it's possible to have two
> > detachments with an identical points cost and force mix, one a CSM
> > detachment, the other a Chaos Artillery detachment. It's impossible in
> > fact to have something in a Chaos Artillery detachment that's found in
> > anything other than a CSM detachment.
> A counter argument is that a chaos engine detachment
> lowers the strat rating (even if it has CSMs in support)
> because the det. type determines who's in command. CSM det.
> with engine support -> CSMs are in control. Daemon engine
> det. with CSM support -> daemons are in control, and thus the
> lower rating.

I agree. The strategy rating is supposed to represent, among other
things, the tactical ingenuity of the commander, isn't it? If Private
Smith says "take that hill" nobody listens, regardless of how tactically
brilliant such a move would be. But if Captain Smith says "take that
hill" everybody rushes towards the hill without a second thought.

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