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>I like to see a set of campaign rules where 1/2 of your casualties were
>able to be replaced/repiared by next battle. Detachments that are still
>under break point are put into reserves or used to bolster other

My friends and I have had a great time playing a campaign in 40K and WFB
based on the Diplomacy map. The rules for the campaign were VERY simple:

For each city (or in 40K "Supply depot") you controlled, you had 500 or 100
points to form an army with (in 40K it was 500, WFB 1000). Armies could
move one terriory per turn. Armies could combine to form larger armies (eg:
two 500 point armies could combine to form a single 1000 point army). When
you entered a territory occupied by and opposing army, a battle was fought
and the causualties recorded in the way of points worth lost (there were no
restrictions on army choices except that if Special Characters died, they
were dead for good and couldn't fight in two different territories in the
same turn and there were no allies except as noted below). Until the next
supply turn, your army was reduced by the number of points lost buring battles.

Every third turn was a supply turn at the end of which all armies were
brought upto their normal points value by re-supplying them. You could ask
a person to support you into a territory in which case you received half the
supporting army's value in allies from that person's lists (we had no
restrictions on who could ally with who as it was easier that way, so yes,
High elves did ally with Chaos on one occasion).

It may all sound very complex, but it was simple and using the map was very
visual as you could brag about owning two countries or be whining about
having all your enemies beating on the city gates. Simple, effective and
easily run by the Campaign Master.


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