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From: Jason Stephensen <J.Stephensen_at_...>
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 1997 13:02:53 +1000 (EST)

>At 10:22 AM 3/4/97 +1000, you wrote:
>>The U.S. marines are shock troops? Sorry couldn't resist.
>Um, yes. They are considered shock troops by most military historians and
>analysts. When you consider that there have only been 2 million Marines
>since 10 November 1776, there are more people than that in the military
>currently, and everything the Marines have accomplished, I think it is an
>apt description.

It's just that by comparing them to the other units you mentioned, or the
British SAS or the gurkas, they just don't quite fit into the same level.
They're good, but I'd never consider them elite.
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