Re: [Epic] game scale (long gripe)

From: Joseph Michael Looney <mlooney_at_...>
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 1997 23:13:02 -0600

kx.henderson_at_... wrote:
> Modern tank weapons have ranges out to about 1.5 to 2 km and have a good
> chance of hitting even then. I have been told that on alot of tanks the
> effective range is about 800m with the main gun. So I'd expect the weapons
> on a Warlord to be far superior to the weapons on a tank. But don't mind
> me. Just my gripe.

Nope, WWII tanks have ranges of 800m. There were repeated kills at over
2000 meters in Desert Storm, with several over 3000 meters and what is
belived to be the world record tank single shot kill of over 4000 meters
(by a UK Challenger, BTW, not an American M1A1)
> I like the ranges in Dirtside II. Most weapons can hit most points on the
> battlefield. But at the long ranges there is little hope of hitting the
> target. But at least there is hope. Damn good game Dirtside II. With this
> price increase GW can kiss my custom goodbye.

Yeah, but it has that damm silly draw counters to see what you do when
you hit system.

> >Oh, and for the record 5cm in Epic40k = 8" in WH40k.
> Joy. What does 1" in 40K equal in metres (or yards if you still measure
> backwards).
1" = 2 meters, at least in WH40k Mk I. They don't say in the current
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