Re: [Epic] game scale (long gripe)

From: Tony Christney <acc_at_...>
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 1997 19:39:22 -0800

>kx.henderson_at_... wrote:
>> Modern tank weapons have ranges out to about 1.5 to 2 km and have a good
>> chance of hitting even then. I have been told that on alot of tanks the
>> effective range is about 800m with the main gun. So I'd expect the weapons
>> on a Warlord to be far superior to the weapons on a tank. But don't mind
>> me. Just my gripe.
>Nope, WWII tanks have ranges of 800m. There were repeated kills at over
>2000 meters in Desert Storm, with several over 3000 meters and what is
>belived to be the world record tank single shot kill of over 4000 meters
>(by a UK Challenger, BTW, not an American M1A1)
>> I like the ranges in Dirtside II. Most weapons can hit most points on the
>> battlefield. But at the long ranges there is little hope of hitting the
>> target. But at least there is hope. Damn good game Dirtside II. With this
>> price increase GW can kiss my custom goodbye.
>Yeah, but it has that damm silly draw counters to see what you do when
>you hit system.

I have a dice based table that simulates everything done by the counters if
you want it.

>> >Oh, and for the record 5cm in Epic40k = 8" in WH40k.
>> Joy. What does 1" in 40K equal in metres (or yards if you still measure
>> backwards).
>1" = 2 meters, at least in WH40k Mk I. They don't say in the current

Tony Christney
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