[Epic] Epic 40K sprues.NICE!

From: Keith Zanardi <xenofobe_at_...>
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 1997 21:48:49 -0500 (EST)

   I am working on the new minis from the Epic40K game for a freind who is
     an Outrider for GW and I must say they are
     quite nice. I counted 81 mini/pcs. on the Ork sprue compared to the 180
    minis/pcs in the Ork Invasion box set. Now if they wonderful people at GW
    give 2 complete sprues in each NEW box set, well, at $9.99 it will be
    a good deal. If not, well, you know. The NEW Gretchin (3 types) are
     pretty neat compared to the old useless ones that we all know.

    On the Space Marine (Inf.) sprues, I counted 72 minis on 1 sprue Now I can't
    remember how many minis/pcs. came with the SM Legion box but I would guess
    that IF GW gives 2 of these for $9.99, it too will be a good deal.
     Wait till you see the Scouts! They are excellent. Too bad we didn't have
     them earlier.

     My favorite is the NEW Land Raider. I LIKE these! Rhinos are the same, and
     the Whirwinds look pretty much like the newer version lead model.
     Sadly, there are ONLY 2 Land Raiders (3 pc model) 2 Whirwinds
      and 4 Rhinos per sprue. Now, if GW only gives 2 of these sprues, well
I guess
      the trade off is OK. (We used to get 12? LR's and 24? Rhinos per box set)
      It sounds like a good average; 16 new minis (again assuming it's 2
sprues per box)
     for $9.99.

     Oh and the sprues, there are lots of them and the holes are staggered
in different
     formations. I guess it's to break up the fact that they are standing in
a line.
     AND the holes are BIG! No more sanding or pliers to get them in they
NEED glue this
     time! And the rubble that comes with a sprue is very good. Small but
very good.

     Hope this gives you some idea of what's comming.


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