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Date: Fri, 4 Apr 1997 13:36:20 +0200 (MET DST)

> >Then I don't understand why your (implied) descriptions of their tactics
> >sound so single-minded, or the fact that the crew you play with apparently
> >thinks that chaos is weak because they are lacking in distance weapons.
> I already tried to explain that: they don't "think", they "saw" it. And
> frankly, the only solution I see, is, you mentioned it, putting most of the
> army in Thawks and going for the fire base. And then? Next time I'll take
> more Firestorms. So he'll take more Thawks. So I'll take more Firestorms...
> I don't call that "playing"...

For the record, your friends are not the only ones who find chaos
among the weakest armies. I'm a chaos general and I have found that
it's really a challenge not to be anihilated before you've managed
to kill a single enemy. Mostly because your enemy is content to
take a maximally shooty force and just pound you as you walk, at a
snails pace, across the table.
This is especially true when playing vs. eldar, IG/SM and squats.
There are other problems like: you have to take GD:s that cost a
bunch and basically do nothing. LoB & Plaguetower excluded.
If you try to use GD:s there are usually a GD-killer unit just
waiting for them. Either drawing all your chaos cards, like twin
pulsars tend to do, or psychic attacks that slays them outright.

I've not seen the new rules yet (should be arriving next friday)
so I don't know if the chaos army is an improved prospect.
I'm not saying you can't win with chaos, BUT you have to really
think hard about your troop choices and tactics. On the other
hand while playing squats, at least vs. chaos, you can grab just
about any shooty stuff put them on the table on FF and just fire
away until the opponent is dead.

Heh, I bet I've upset a few squat players by that comment, and just
to stave off some flames: I know it's an oversimplifacation. But
our resident squat player do agree with me to some extent.
I've tried playing with IG allies and it really worked miracles for
my army. My opponent was totally shocked when I actually fired back
in the first turn. Heh.
However I find it sad that an army can't stand on it's own, and
usually don't take any IG allies.
Oh, and titans is not the solution, never take titans in a chaos
force since your opponent will get more titans for the same amount
of points. Warhounds excluded. And the banelord is crap!

Silvertowers are crap (because they give your opponent alot of vps
real easy).

PS. As I said I've not seen the new rules and they may invalidate
    anything I've said. .DS

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