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From: Tristrim Peter Murnane <tmurnane_at_...>
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 19:02:00 +1000 (EST)

> Tristrim Peter Murnane wrote:
> > IG infantry companies can NOT get more than 3(!!!) units as the
> > main force!! What the &^%$! Everybody else bar Elder can get more than
> > that, IG tanks get more. On the aussmption that is's a missprint, I played
> > using the standerd 10, and it worked ok. IS this a missprint?!?! hell,
> > that means the ruls say you can get 10 support for 3 main force units.
> You get 3 squads per command squad. You may have up to 3 command
> squads. This makes your total detachment size 9 squads, plus support
> units.
        So therefore (I don't have any rules with me, which is why I'm
asking all these questions), IG pays x3 times more for command and control
thank most other armies? Following the 40K background, yes they do.

> > Yayyy! IG tanks can now survive 1 turn of ppl shooting at them!
> > Finnanly I can play an IG tank division thwey way it was ment to be played.
> Yeah is right. My Panzer Battalion is dangerous now...
        I've been trying to play my IG army since 2nd ed like a Panzer
Army, and it never really worked. NOW it does.

> > If I put my ack ack guns with my heavy arty guns, and put the ack
> > on the order to shoot down flyers, does that means the arty guns can't do
> > prepatory bombardment, but other units in the detamcent go on overwatch?
> Ah, well. I would say that the AAA is in "Kill Planes" mode, and the FA
> is in prep fire mode because the order die would be on "!", which is
> what both need to do "special action". Any direct fire troops would be
> in overwatch mode.
        Does it mention this anywhere in the rules/page? I'd just like to
be able to look it up/show to oppenent.

> 2) 3-1 odds is what you a SUPPOSED to need to assult a postion. This is
> the historical odds that commanders try and get. The fact that Epic 1st
> & 2nd ed didn't need this was a problem with those rules, not that
> needing in in 3rd ed (opps, Epic 40,000) is a problem.

        Hey, sorry, I'm LOVE this, I wasn't knocking it :). That +
airpower/surpremacy/tanks that survive and are hard to kill are all good
'relism' additions to epic. Now, all I need is to give some infantry the
40K version of TOW's and javalins (ie- infatry with anti-tank). mabye say,
heavy weapons could mean- Either double your firepower, or trade it in at
a ratio of mabye 3 or 4-1 firepower for 1 anti-tank shot. Lessaining your
firepower to make sure 1 damm tank coming down on you gets killed.
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