Re: [Epic] Critique Of Chaos Horde

From: Adam R Blitzer <blitz4_at_...>
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 1997 21:09:53 EDT

I realize that the army is very specialized but is it considered cheesy
to specialize in CC with chaos? Granted...I may have gone overboard with
only using certain types of Bloodletters, Trolls, and Juggers
but they just seemed like logical choices. Ok Mike, thanks to your
comments, here are some changes I am considering. I will eliminate the
Keeper of Secrets (hheheh I didn't even realize I didn't give him any
minions.) That adds another 300 Points. I will also probably remove the
Plague Tower and add a Primearch as well as a legion. I will then have
200 Points left over for something like Beasts of Nurgle or rhinos for
the marines. Let me know what you think. Magnus or Mortarion a
better buy? I shyed away from mortarion at first because my opponent
generally plays with a largely mechanized force containing little
infantry. Then I realized that bikes, devastators, and even lightly
armored vehicles are vulnerable to the plague wind. Magnus's one shot
seems like kind of a waste for a 300 pt unit. Seems like a shadowsword
taken as a support unit would be more efficient (more guns, better armor,
better movement, although no cards). Let me know what you think.

                                        Adam Blitzer

Revised 5,000 Point Chaos Horde
Lord of Battles - 500
Khorne Juggers - 150
Khorne Juggers - 150
Khorne Juggers - 150
Khorne Juggers - 150
Subtotal: 1100

Bloodthirster - 300
Bloodletters - 150
Bloodletters - 150
Bloodletters - 150
Troll Warband - 250
Troll Warband - 250
Subtotal: 1250

Miscellaneous Primearch (help me pick one) - 300
Marine Legion - 500
Troll Warband - 250
Troll Warband - 250
Subtotal: 1350

Artillery Company- 600
Bombard Battery - 250
Leviathan - 350 (mostly to counter the opponents leviathan)
Subtotal: 1200

100 Points left to use.....

>I'd have to say that Mortarian is a much better buy than the Plague
>his power could quickly decimate a IG company or a bunch of aspect
>and exarchs, whereas the Plague Tower just soaks up fire, but doesn't
>do so
>as well as the lord of battles. If you want something to soak up
>display the Lord of Battles very prominently in your army and have
>opponent shoot him, he's pretty tough with those cards and saves and
>construct template. Also, your army is really, really specialized.
>your opponent doesn't mind then that's cool but some might find it
>borderline cheesy. Your Keeper of Secrets lacks minions, (it must
>have at
>least three), so that's illegal. Your army lacks any direct fire
>(only barrages from the IG contingent) so you might want to consider
>fitting in a Chaos marine companies, those are some of the best
>infantry in
>the game and I use them every time I use Chaos.
>Mike the Liu
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