[Epic] YES genestealer moves 95cm in one turn!!!!

From: Robert Lenghaus <lenghaus_at_...>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 10:52:14 +1000 (EST)


If I sound a little excited its because of this, I played a game using
tyranids for the first time and discovered this beauty,

Swarm of this
3 Tyranid Warriors
2 Genestealers (I am pissed about this limit!)
3 Assault Spawn
3 Lictors
Lots of Hormagaunts

Load stealers, one tyranid warrior and 3 hormagaunts into assault spawn.
Put swarm on assault orders.

Movement phase,
Lictors move 45cm (15 plus 30 for infiltration)
assault spawn move 25
everything else moves normal.
Remember keep in cover.

Assault phase.
Jump the closest opponent
doubling movement get your assault spawn into CC but only use 45 of
possible 50 movement, stealers and 'gaunts jump and charge another 25/35
into CC, the new transport rules are WONDERFULL!!!! add your Lictors into
this equation and you are going to scare the begebers out of your
opponent, the minimum move you get to get into CC with the stuff in your
assault spawn is 70cm for 'stealers (25+20+25) 80 for 'gaunts, up to a
possible 95 for Gst and a HUGE 105 for the 'gaunts.

Did this to my opponent on Saturday and he spent the rest of the game
running away.

PS the new rules for drop pods and mycetic spores are crap I will never
ever use them again

PPS this is not cheese, max two genestealers per swarm and no flak
weapons is so crap it makes up for anything I could possibly consider.

Rob L.
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