Re: [Epic] YES genestealer moves 95cm in one turn!!!!

From: Jeff Schmidt <jschmidt_at_...>
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 1997 21:23:58 -0500

>Movement phase,
>Lictors move 45cm (15 plus 30 for infiltration)
>assault spawn move 25
>everything else moves normal.
>Remember keep in cover.
>Assault phase.
>Jump the closest opponent
>doubling movement get your assault spawn into CC but only use 45 of
>possible 50 movement, stealers and 'gaunts jump and charge another 25/35
>into CC, the new transport rules are WONDERFULL!!!! add your Lictors into
>this equation and you are going to scare the begebers out of your
>opponent, the minimum move you get to get into CC with the stuff in your
>assault spawn is 70cm for 'stealers (25+20+25) 80 for 'gaunts, up to a
>possible 95 for Gst and a HUGE 105 for the 'gaunts.

Hmm, not quite right. Assault moves only double for infantry that can get
into contact with the enemy, and you CAN take more than 2 'stealers PER
SWARM. PER BROOD, yes, only two -- but you can get up to 10 broods (thus
up to 20 genestealers in a swarm). However, that's still not a bad tactic,
as the spawns will get you 25+20=45cm and the 'stealers can bail out to go
another 10 or 25cm depending on if they can get into CC. Playing Forced
March would be even better...

>PS the new rules for drop pods and mycetic spores are crap I will never
>ever use them again

Well, snap-fire does make things problematic. Just make sure you don't
drop them on top of your enemy, I guess. It's still a cheap way of getting
loads of troops into a general area fast. Plus, since the pods have an
armor value equal to their occupants, it just means you use tyrants with
carnifexes if you insist on dropping them anywhere near enemy detachments.
I haven't tried it out yet, but I still think it is useful.

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