Re: [Epic] YES genestealer moves 95cm in one turn!!!!

From: Jeff Schmidt <jschmidt_at_...>
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 1997 22:51:17 -0500

>On Mon, 28 Apr 1997, James Flowers wrote:
>> Hi All!
>> Robert Lenghaus wrote:
>> > PPS this is not cheese, max two genestealers per swarm and no flak
>> > weapons is so crap it makes up for anything I could possibly consider.
>> Sorry again Robert, but this is good news for you. Read the Army Book
>> again's a maximum of 2 G/S units per G/S Brood, and you
>> can have up to 10 Broods in a swarm, so that's potentially 20 G/Stealers
>> in a swarm, although not much of anything else.
>> Kind regards, JAMES FLOWERS
>Sorry I'm going to have to disagree with you I specifically looked this
>one up and worked it out I was so pissed by this restriction.
>Unless my memory has totaly gone the Tyranids list looks like this.
>Per swarm you may take up to TEN broods
>but you may only take ONE brood of genestealers consisting of up to two
>Does anyone have the book on them to resolve this.
>I would have to say at only ten points these restrictions gain some sort
>of credibility when you consider how deadly 'stealers are.

I don't think you're reading this right. You can take 10 broods (any
combination of up to 10) to make up a swarm. If your interpretation is
correct, then the mycetic swarm list is way wrong (sez you take up to 10
broods but only lists 7).

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