Re: [Epic] YES genestealer moves 95cm in one turn!!!!

From: James Flowers <jflowers_at_...>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 16:17:23 +1200

Hi All!

>> Robert Lenghaus wrote:
>>> PPS this is not cheese, max two genestealers per swarm and no flak
>>> weapons is so crap it makes up for anything I could possibly

>> James Flowers wrote:
> > Sorry again Robert, but this is good news for you. Read the Army Book
> > again's a maximum of 2 G/S units per G/S Brood, and
> > can have up to 10 Broods in a swarm, so that's potentially 20
> > in a swarm, although not much of anything else.

>> Robert Lenghaus wrote:
> Sorry I'm going to have to disagree with you I specifically looked this
> one up and worked it out I was so pissed by this restriction.
> Unless my memory has totaly gone the Tyranids list looks like this.
> Per swarm you may take up to TEN broods
> but you may only take ONE brood of genestealers consisting of up to two
> models.
> Does anyone have the book on them to resolve this.
> I would have to say at only ten points these restrictions gain some
> of credibility when you consider how deadly 'stealers are.

Sorry again Robert, but you are wrong. Check the example sheet on page
108 to see what they mean by saying ONE BROOD. It's GW wording (again),
but if you only allow purchasing broods on that basis then you can't even
purchase the necessary 3 Synapse creatures following your logic? Anyway,
the example on 108 certainly allows multiple G/S broods, plus multiple
T/W broods, etc.

Don't sell yourself short as a Tyranid player. Take it from a Tyranid

Kind regards, JAMES FLOWERS

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