Re: [Epic] [E40K]Bug Flyers ( Was Mycetic spores )

From: Alan Brain <aebrain_at_...>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 20:48:36 -0700

Robert Lenghaus wrote:

> Did you know a tyranid army has zero chance against an all flyer army, I
> know only maniacs would do this but having no flak is a big disavantage,
> or have I missed something.

But A Bug Force can also have an all-flyer army. Quite a nasty one.
In a 'Normal' army, it would not be unusual for Bugs to have 15 (!)
Gargoyles on Intercept (240 pts worth). 3 Thunderhawks (240 pts worth)
come in - and the odds are that 2-3 will get aborted. Of course 2-3
Gargoyles go down in flames, but there's plenty more where they came

But the usual way would be to have them all on Ground Attack. 15 pts
from the Gargoyles plus 6 from the Harridan is a nasty. OK, so some get
shot down by the Flak. But unlike normal armies, a Bug's fliers cost a
mere 16 points. That's 1/5 of a single Thunderhawk. Of course, their
firepower is less than 1/5, and their armour is laughable.

Bugs have real problems withe the AT shots as written, and their Titans
are grossly over-pointed, but Fliers are one area they do comparitively
well in.

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