[Epic] More questions!

From: Robert Lenghaus <lenghaus_at_...>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 15:00:14 +1000 (EST)

Sorry if any of these have been asked before. Maybe the FAQ should posted

What are the rules/consensus regarding LOS and
1 Snap firing
2 Surporting a CC.

As a continue from the last question, do psykers need to be within 15cm of
a CC for them to be counted for the combat modifiers, or can they just be
part of the detachment?

If an infantry can get into CC but is not allowed to, ie the enemy unit in
question is already being attacked by two units, can the unit still double
its movement to help with surporting fire? (this is important for tyranid
players as most of there units move 15cm, so if they cannot get into CC
neither can they lend surporting fire because of the reduced move)

Is having n/a in the range table equivalent to having zero firepower?
(consider rhinos can lend surport, genstealers may not be able to)

futher more,
Can units with no ranged weapons still snap fire at units that approach
within 10cm?

Can flak units fire at interceptors that attack your flyers? (or even
ground units snap firing at the interceptors)

Is it possible to screen your good flyers, (eg Harridans or Bombers) from
enemy interceptors by surrounding them with cheap flyers? (my opponent
always goes straight for my Harridan, and unsurprisingly drives it off)

leading to,
With the tyranid Harridan the HQ unit of the tyranid flyers, can you still
use your gargoyles even if the Harridan hasn't been destroyed but damaged.
The real question probably is, can flyers operate without their command

Although I have enjoyed my first few games of the new EPIC it seems to me
that sometimes the rules are rather vague.

Rob L.
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