[Epic] Space Marine Chapters

Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 18:24:04 +0100 (WET DST)

Hi guys,
I have a question concerning Space Marine chapters.
According to GW fluff, SM chapters have roughly 1000 fighting men, but if
you consider the huge amount of IG troops available, these numbers are
Ex: Every planet recruits 1% of its population. "Fluffing", Davin VII had
7 billion people (so it had an army of 70 million soldiers !). Could you
imagine what a 1000 space marine force could do on a planet like this?
NOTHING!!! Maybe destroy a few HQ's and then be completely wiped out!
When you read the battle for Armageddon, 3 chapters led the liberation of
the planet against the sprawling ork army of Ghazgull. Great! 3000 marines
against a few million crazed green-skins.
They say one marine is worth 10 "normal" men, but still ...
Comments, flames, anything...

Paulo Pombal
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