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Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 22:16:26 -0700

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> <<
> why the luck crap? i actually like the original ideas of the cards,
> allowing a couple of rerolls a game to help even out the luck but why
> bother with the bigger ones?
> oh well..
> >>
> With only 500 points per side, one card will massively affect the outcome
> With bigger size battles though, they will have much less effect.
> I also thought that forced march gave you an extra 5 cm movement - that isnt
> exactly massive, is it?
> kris aspinall

actually its 10. add it to the movement and then add it twice in the
assault phase and you get 30 cm which is one foot on a four foot table.
and that is notr even counting the original movement.
when thet whole ork detachment came roaring out of no where it sure
SEEMED massive :).
i still think movement is a little "quick" in this game but i'm playing
again tom. and will know more.
most people have pointed out that it was the size of the battle that
made the card seem unbalanced and i tend to agree. i still think i will
suggest using only the reroll cards.

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