[Epic] Read this ! GWUK sale 30-50% off !!!!

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Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 21:52:33 +0800

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>Sauron1 writes; I have been told by GW Canada (not necessarily a reliable
>source!)that the Nuns/Guns Space Marines are a DEFINITE release for 97!
>Of course thease are the same ones who didn't know of the new Epic SM
>bikes! sauron1

Just talk to GWUK. I think the models will be released (or pre-released) on
June 13 or is it 16 ? From the Trollboy he mentioned that some of these
"nuns" looks like Uma Thurman (sp?) in Pulp Fiction. So I expect the Codex
to be out around that period.

BTW GWUK is doing a sale on old lead miniatures and boxed sets. Prices are
going at about 30% of old price - approx 50% of the new price (but they only
have lead miniatures, so the sale does not apply to new metal miniatures).

I got myself three dragons (Wood Elf, Chaos, Dark Elves) and a batch of
other miniatures - no old EPIC stuff on offer though - damnation !!!!
Curses, I wanted those Reaver Titans - at least that was what the Mail Order
Troll sayz.

My beloved is gonna kill me for wasting money again.

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