Re: [Epic] Read this ! GWUK sale 30-50% off !!!!

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Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 23:27:14 +0800

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>> BTW GWUK is doing a sale on old lead miniatures and boxed sets.
>Prices are
>> going at about 30% of old price - approx 50% of the new price (but
>they only
>> have lead miniatures, so the sale does not apply to new metal
>> My beloved is gonna kill me for wasting money again.
>> Regards
>> Oki
>Just phoned GW at the Plaza, Oxford Street. The Troll said they had
>only heard a rumour about this yesterday and was surprised that word
>was out (he don't know us too well do he? ;) ).

I got this info from the Citadel Journal editor (Paul Sawyer IIRC), this is
(ahem!) supposed to be privileged information for 40k list members. This
offer is direct from GWUK mail order (sorry if it wasn't too clear) only,
not their retail shops.

>He thinks it refers only to lead minis and "There may be a promotion
>over the last week of this month possibly similar to the one in Europe
>where you buy 2 and get a 3rd free, with a final sale on the last day
>of the month, whatever day that is."

Not sure abt this, but some miniatures are approx 1/3 off - sounds similar.
But I would urge those of you who wants to stock to do it now. One word of
advice, please have more resistance - I succumbed to special deals/cool
miniatures/must-have bull at least 4 times :(

>Oki, if your beloved is going to kill you think how mine will
>feel...Saturday the 31st is our wedding day!

Congrats !!! Looks like a lot of us are getting hitched. Will it affect your
wargaming :P ?

Best wishes to you
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