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From: Chris Weigt <Christopher.Weigt_at_...>
Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 17:09:03 +1000 (EST)

On Mon, 19 May 1997, Kelvin wrote:

> >Excellent, thanx for the advice. Any ideas as to where I would get Lab
> >Reagent? (without stealing some preferably!)
> Well, stealing it yourself is the cheapest way, but illegal as we all know
> and not easy to do(this is what I do, but don't tell my Boss). The next
> best way is to get someone you know who works with it to steal it for you.
> This usually results in being charged a carton of beer or a favour. Still
> illegal and not easy.
Damnit, all my friends are either in marine biology or geology. I'll hafta
make friends with someone doing chemistry 8)

> The final way is possibly the dearest (almost anything that can be linked
> with the word "Laboratory" means you mark the price up by about 200%) which
> is to purchase it from a distributor or the manufacturer. This is REALLY
> hard. The company that makes our stuff is BDH Chemicals. They are a
> multi-national company and I don't think they supply to anyone without a
> hazardous chemicals licence. There are plenty of other manufacturers out
> there, but as we are a Uni we get stuff as cheap as is humanly possible, so
> BDH is probably the cheapest. There are also plenty of distributors out
> there, so its all about looking. Just be careful the cops don't find out.
> Most of that sort of stuff can be used to make bombs and narcotics!
Maybe if I use it to make narcotics I can sell them to fund my GW habit 8)
Or spread terror throughout the nation blowing up MacDonalds
"restaurants", then demanding money to make me stop 8)
> All I can suggest you do is makes friends with some Lab Staff, get a job
> in/supplying for a Lab or hunt through the Yellow Pages for Chemical
> distributors and manufacturers. But unless you hold a hazardous chemicals
> permit, they may not supply you. Sorry.
Oh well, was a nice idea. Looks like I'll have to invest in some isocol
and nail polish remover.
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