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Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 14:25:45 +1000 (EST)

>Excellent, thanx for the advice. Any ideas as to where I would get Lab
>Reagent? (without stealing some preferably!)

Well, stealing it yourself is the cheapest way, but illegal as we all know
and not easy to do(this is what I do, but don't tell my Boss). The next
best way is to get someone you know who works with it to steal it for you.
This usually results in being charged a carton of beer or a favour. Still
illegal and not easy.

The final way is possibly the dearest (almost anything that can be linked
with the word "Laboratory" means you mark the price up by about 200%) which
is to purchase it from a distributor or the manufacturer. This is REALLY
hard. The company that makes our stuff is BDH Chemicals. They are a
multi-national company and I don't think they supply to anyone without a
hazardous chemicals licence. There are plenty of other manufacturers out
there, but as we are a Uni we get stuff as cheap as is humanly possible, so
BDH is probably the cheapest. There are also plenty of distributors out
there, so its all about looking. Just be careful the cops don't find out.
Most of that sort of stuff can be used to make bombs and narcotics!

All I can suggest you do is makes friends with some Lab Staff, get a job
in/supplying for a Lab or hunt through the Yellow Pages for Chemical
distributors and manufacturers. But unless you hold a hazardous chemicals
permit, they may not supply you. Sorry.


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