Re: [Epic] Ork Units & Tactics [Long]

From: Stephen Sheldon <stephes_at_...>
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 16:58:06 -0700 (PDT)

> >> These rules have
> >> been playtested (despite cynical comments otherwise ;), and I find it
> >> very unlikely that there are truely any useless units in the list.
> >
> > With the rules as written: IG tac troops. Thousand Sons.
> >There's probably something useless in most lists (just not as much
> >as there used to be).
> These units aren't intrisnically bad (IMO anyway), they just get dorked
> by their detachment structure. For example, 7 pts for an IG tactical is
> not that bad (it's in line with ork units anyway), but paying +25 pts
> for every 3 squads (vs every 10 in other armies) makes them a much
> worse deal. Likewise, TS marines are not a bad deal. They are not as
> good a deal as marines, but different armies pay different amounts for
> the same type of units. What makes TS less effective is that you can't
> get the stubborn bonus if you field support units.
> >> SM/TL was ripe with people saying units X and Y were useless in the ork
> >> army, and almost every time they were simply wrong. I found excellent
> >> uses for many "worthless" units and considered "worthless" many units
> >> that other ork players considered outstanding. The reason was that I
> >> had developed a style of play which took advantage of some units, but
> >> left others no useful role. I have no doubt that this pattern will
> >> repeat itself in e40k, so don't just crunch numbers to figure out
> >> who's the best. Put the units on the field, try them in different ways,
> >> and _then_ decide who's naughty and nice. The results may suprise
> >> you.
> >
> > Which doesn't mean that there can't be units that are useless
> >no matter what. The SM/TL IG list (and, to a lesser extent, Chaos) was
> >filled with such units: Hellbores, Firelords, etc etc ad nauseum.

One thing that has been greatly overlooked is how troops interact en
masse. Marines are excellent I agree, but orks, will win an assault most
of the time because of their numbers. Boarboyz are one of my favourite
troops, they are cheap, fast and relatively survivable, even though they
do not look too good on paper. It is my experience that things act a lot
differently on paper than in play. Another example, T-hawks, they suck
compared to droppods, IMHO....
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