RE: [Epic] Just how big is a 10,000 point army

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Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 13:53:00 -0400

I meant, a brand new still in box shrinkwrapped (not used) Imperator. It
is one of the older ones.

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>>I'm new to the entire GW hobby. I got EPIC 40k a couple months ago and
>>have been plugging away at a large Blood Angel army. The guys down at
>>the shop play giant 10,000 point games from time to time. One guy is
>>working on a entire chapter of Epic Ultramarines. I merely hope to build
>>up a 10,000 point force of my own, to join in the fun. I'm finding out,
>>it isn't as easy as I thought. I figured adding a few Titans would help
>>reduce the mass quantities needed to fill 10,000 points.
>----> Well there's a big difference between 10,000 pts 2nd ed and
> in E40K, so I'd double check how they measured 10K. Point values
> for many units are about half of what they were, and if they have that
> many, they've probably been at it a while.
>>A friend picked up a brand new Imperator for me at Games Day. They
>>had them there for $10 U.S.
>----> Anybody seen pics of this? They're selling 'em for half of a
> price? Curious to see what they've changed.
>>Along with a couple warlords, I've run up a total of 2,000
>>points. I'm on my way. I've got 3 thunderhawks, and one of each Space
>>Marine metal blister (new ones), and one extra sprue of Space Marines in
>>addition to the armor units and infantry units that came in the box. The
>>trouble is, I fall short being able to only muster about 5,000 more
>>points of troops. Should I make up the difference in more Warlords, or
>>go for more of the blisters? If so, which do you recommend and what
>----> Unless you want to be an all-marine force (which has kinda gone
> the window with the titans) I'd pick up some IG - tanks in particular.
> Maybe some artillery. For marines, you probably want assault
> troops or termies in those t-hawks, so I'd make sure you have a
> full load of them. If you use them for a take-and-hold style move,
>> you may want some dev's, so check your quantity there.
>>P.S. My friend said he saw new Marauders and Thunderbolts, as well as
>>new Fighta-Bombas at Games Day. The guy he talked to said they would be
>>out soon, despite of not being part of the regular army releases.
>-----> New f-b's ? These ARE new - I wouldn't mind some alternate
> (these are orks) but should that be a priority?
>Chris Miller
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