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From: Michael & Catherine Goh <cmgoh_at_...>
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 21:14:40 +0800

At 20:05 28/06/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Nonesense! Rub it in! Let 'em know about it. If they're real
>men/orks/mutants/bugs/pansies, it'll piss them off and they'll
>fight harder. If they quit in disgust, they're a bunch of whimps
>not worthy of honerable slaughter on the field of battle!

They will never quit - they are stubborn (Marines), or stubborn (Squats) or
don't care (Tyranids).

>>>So far, some my friends believe that I'm just playing with
>>> powerful armies which must be "cheesy".
>What armies have you been playing with? I curious what qualifies as
>cheesy in e40k (simply winning alot does not qualify).

Not much so far - I suppose it is a a myth from WH40K - just because I play
Eldar and don't lose - they think that GW favours Eldar and when I changed
to Tyranids to prove otherwise they think that Tyranids are also favoured.
My next plan is to play the Imperium. If I massacre them with the same army
that they are playing to will prove my tactical superiority (fleeting as it
may be). I actually think that superior luck has to do with a lot of my
success to date. My opponent seems to have more than his fair share of ones
(including rolling for critical hits vs my Warlock Titan and rolling snakes
eyes twice).

I actually think that in some ways the Eldar are disadvantaged - I think
that Night Spinners and Farseers (as detachment commanders) are too
expensive. Everything else I can live with.

>Does anyone know if you can buy bases. I am running short (and I
>haven't even rebased any old troops.

Well I'm just not going to base all the Orks that don't see any action. I
wonder if mail order has them.

Michael Goh
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