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> Impressive...
> Is an Imperial army (I mean Space Marine + Imperial Guard + Adeptus
> Mecanicus) not too powerfull? I'm one of these fundamentalists who
> believe that the only way is a total Space Marine army or a total
> Imperial Gard army. OK perhaps with some Titans or Heavy Vehicles
> from the Adeptus Mecanicus. What do you think about this?

Well, I guess I have a long answer to this which has a lot of points.

First off, I read the background and such and assumed that in most
cases Space Marines wouldn't just be fighting alone. I also looked at
my troops and decided that I really didn't have enough plain marines to
field a competitive 2,000 point force without stooping to using lots of
Land Raiders and Whirlwinds to up the points.

It was announced as a tournament, so I assumed that I would be seeing
everyone's toughest army. Nevertheless, I couldn't bring myself to
take more than 6 land raiders, so when I wanted another detachment I
used Leman Russes + Hellhounds instead. I thought about taking
Thunderhawks, but since I wasn't transporting any troops, I preferred
basic fighters and fighter-bombers. Since these are actually easier to
shoot down than a Thunderhawk, I considered this to be less cheesy (I
hate that word because it's so subjective). Finally, when I thought
about what I would be facing, I expected that one or two losers would
try to field a 900 point Imperator since it was a 2,000 point battle.
I really didn't have a chance of countering that without taking a
titan. I would've taken a Reaver if I had one, but I only have a

So the titan is the only part of my army that I feel really helped me
be more competitive. In a purely Space Marine force, the Leman Russes
would have become more Land Raiders (since I have no Predator models
yet) and no one would have been happy to see six more of those. The
air power would have become three Thunderhawks which definitely would
have been more effective in getting through and attacking his ground

My opponent also had a mix of troops, including a Titan-class vehicle
(Leviathan) and plenty of Ultramarines. He also had artillery which I
did not. I feel we were pretty evenly matched in terms of army power,
but that my choice of where to drop the assault marines and how to use
them is what really unhinged his flank and made it easy for me to push
up my tanks and titan to firefight and drive the rest of his center

Perhaps I'm missing your point, but I don't have a hard and fast rule
about army construction. I've played a lot of games with a pure space
marine force. If I had Imperial Guard I would certainly play some
games with just them. But it doesn't quite make sense to me to be
absolutely against mixing them given that it is supposed to happen all
the time in the universe. I may not have played enough games to really
see whether or not it is too powerful to do so.

I have a roster for my chapter and I field marines in plausible units
based on what I have available in my companies. I also plan to fully
flesh out the 100th Cadian Tank Regiment, from which Team Yankee came.
Unfortunately, right now I only have the six Leman Russes and the three
Hellhounds. Anyway, enough about this - hope it answers your question.


- Erik

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