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> >Actually I would double check this, as I believe this is incorrect.
> >the ball round takes down every shield, but the holo field confuses
> >aiming. But do double check, as I am only quoting from memory, and
> >I age another year as of 29 minutes ago, I could be mistaken.
> Happy birthday! The rules for Holofields state that they protect
> everything except Template weapons, therefore the ball rounds affects
> without them getting the save as it is a template weapon. The ball
> need a direct hit, just try and land it in front of the Titan and
watch it
> roll over the feet. BANG! More often than not an immobile or dead
> Wonderful weapon.
I was about to stomp down the stairs and try to refute that statement,
if not with rules with logic, but as I worked through it, I came to
your conclusion. I still haven't checked the rule (yes I'm a lazy git)
but all in all that does make since, as the titans void shield would
only displace it slightly, enough to put off small weapons, such as
lasers and bolters. something as large as the ball would be aimed in
the general local, and therfore be more apt to hit.

So any way, my random thoughts. thanks for the birthday wish, I did as
well as the circumstances allowed. It's not every birthday one gets to
drive 8 hours to see his 'inlaws...

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