[NetEpic ML] 40K army to trade #1, Orcs!!

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Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 21:19:36 -0800

   Hello, I have spoken to a couple of people regarding some trading. I have
six GW 25 mm armies to get rid of(ultramarine, nurgle, eldar, orc, fantasy
high elf, and fantasy undead) preferably for Epic minis in trade. I will
post the armies as I can on the mailing list and keep them on my hard drive
for anyone who is interested in the list. I am going to try to get a digital
camera, however that will take some time. Dave knows me if anyone wants to
ask about me, and I am willing to give phone numbers and whatever else it
takes to prove that I am legit. I don't know how this is done generally and
don't wish to get burned myself. So any suggestions on how to do this are
welcome. I may just end up selling them off as units on ebay.
   There are many more painted minis in my orc army than I had recalled (I
haven't even looked at these armies for over two years and just started
pulling them out). It was the last army I was painting and thus benefited
from all that I had learned, the reults were great. I may not be a
proffesional mini painter, however I had mastered washes and such and these
guys came out great. I collected this army nine years ago and the last minis
I purchased for it was six years ago, so as you can imagine everything is
way out of print and rare. All unpainted minatures are based in white or
light grey, the Battle Wagon and Field gun are based black. A few of the
orcs need to have an arm glued on here, or a weapon there, but nothing is
damaged, and if anything is missing it is noted in the description.

   ORC ARMY LIST - 199 minatures

Orc Dreadnought, painted - this is the four armed dreadnought with two las
cannons. The paint job is very basic red with the weapons picked out. It
wasn't finnished, but added a splash of color (oh the memories I have of
those guns and power claws)

Two Dreadnoughts, unpained - these are the old killer dreadnoughts with two
arms, one has a h. plasma cannon, the other has a Lascannon

Orc Nobz battle Wagon, unpainted - This guy is really cool but needs some
help. The back wheels need to be glued back on, and three of the wheel
scythes are missing. The mast is there, but the very top is missing
(basically its a banner pole now). I added an autocannon to it. There is
space in the center of the vehicle to set you Nobz mob!

Scorcher, painted - the trailor needs to be glued on and the grechen riding
the trailor needs to be glued back on, very well painted!

War Buggy with Multimelta on swivel mount, painted - this miniture is fast
and packs a huge punch, the front weels (attached by an axle need to be
glued back on, and the gunner needs to be glued to his seat, but its all in
perfect condition.

Wartrak with Lascannon, painted - Nothing needs to be done, the paint on
this one is cool too...

2 Warbikes with dual mounted autocannons, painted - I loved these guys, they
were my favorite orc vehicles and were brilliantly painted.

Nobz bike with driver, painted - Excellent paint job, but bike needs to be
assembled, nothing is damaged. Nob has a power fist and plasma gun.

Field gun with 2 gretchen crew, gun is based black, crew is painted - is
pulled by the wartrak and has a hitch and eye.

Squig Catapult with 3 gretchen crew, painted - Ever face a swarm of angry
face eating squig flyers? I killed terminators with this weapon!

12 Snakebite cyboar riderz, unpainted - these guys are really cool, they are
the old plastic boys mounted on cyboars (not just the regular boars, but the
superchared ones) and armed to the teeth with close combat weapons and
bolters. One has a heavy plasma cannon.

Snakebite Nob mounted on a super cyboar, unpainted - the super cyboar is
AWESOME, almost as big as a horse and mean as hell.

Mechanik with Shock Attack gun, painted - this guy is very well painted and
the shock attack gun... well, you try to fight with five terrified snotlings
inside your armor!

Three Snakebite Runtherderz, painted - one has a loudspeaker and all three
have very detailed paint jobs.

28 individually based snotlings, all painted save one - I loved these guys,
if I didn't buy them as hordes I usually had them running around the
battlefield as scenery... some of the poses these guys are in still crack me

Two Runtbot robotz, one painted one unpainted - the paint job on this guy is
basic, he's a metal robot... in the old rules they generated force fields
around your snotling hordes to protect them.

Freebooterz Mob, 4 painted, two unpainted - this includes an awsome painted
kaptin with back banner and kombi-weapon, and the other five orcs are very
sweet looking minitures indeed...

Bad Moons Wierdboy and 2 Minderz, painted - this is one of my favorite
minatures and I spend a lot of time getting the blue washes to come out just

Stormboyz Mob, 9 figures all painted - dressed in smart army green and
wearing nazi helmets these orcs mean buisness, the sergent carries a power
sword and one boy carries a heavy plasma cannon. This was before they had
the jump packs out, so none of them are so equipped.

Nobz mob of four painted minis - these guys are all dressed in steel plate
power armor, one has a back banner but I never did attach a flag to it),
they are mean looking.

2 Snakebite Nobz, painted - more warriors for your warboss to stuff in his
nobz battle wagon!

Evil Suns Nob, painted - carries two bolters

Mob of 10 gretchen, painted - these guys are kinda useless on thier own with
thier muskets (yes I did say muskets), but concentrate them and you create a
burst marker that can penetrate a dreadnought (well, a small rusty

Tin Boyz!, 4 Tinboyz, 2 painted - there are two tinboyz marine robots (look
like carticatures of space marines, they are painted) and two squat tin
boyz... these are very old and cool minatures.

Nob, unpainted - he has a bionic claw arm and bionic head

Wierdboy, painted - the paint job on this guy is rather good, but his left
arm is missing. should be easy to paint one up and glue it on...

3 Mech Boyz, unpainted - need a fix on the field? Call these guys... There
are also two painted gretchen helperz.

3 Mechboyz conversions, unpainted - before I had the metal mechboyz, I took
three of my plastic boyz minis and gave them oil cans, tools, tongs, ect to
make them mechanics. These are them.

4 boys with Combi weapons, unpainted - Plastic boys with the metal combi
weapons GW made.

Mechanic, unpainted - has bionic tire legs

2 Mechanics, unpainted - these guys are the metal ones with combi weapons

Blood Axe Nob, painted - Has a black hummi hat on, the paint on him could
use a touch up, but it was a well done job.

Wierdboy with staff and 2 Minderz, unpainted

43 boyz, unpainted - mix of metal and plastic boyz, there is a wide mix of
close combat weapons, bolters, and plasma rifles. the plastic models are all
in different poses making for a stunning mob

Boyz mob, 13 painted minis - these are much the same as above save they are
all painted. The paint jobs on these guys aren't up to the same standards as
the rest of the army, which isn't to say that they are bad, just that the
others are really good!

13 Heavy Boyz, 1 painted, 12 unpaitned - one painted plasma cannon, three
unpainted plasma cannons, one las cannon, two auto cannons, 3 mechboy heavy
weapon conversons (home spun heavy weapons, call them what you will), three
heavy bolters

Mad Boyz Mob, 6 unpainted

Rokerz Mob, 3 unpainted - I forget the story behind these guys... they have
electric guitars and one has a microphone, go figure

Nobz Mob, 7 unpainted - All of them are nobz of one clan or another

2 pain boyz, unpainted - these guys make me look like a neurosurgeon!

Last, and definatly least, three individually based SQUIGS!!!
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