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Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 09:15:18 +1100

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>Could someone please tell me which game(s) everyone on Net Epic are on about

We are talking mostly about a game written by the Net community called
NetEpic. It was created after the release of Epic40,000 (curse its black
heart) when GW dropped the second edition of Epic (known as Space
Marine/Titan Legions from the names of the two boxed games released for
Epic). Some of us weren't happy with the change and left to revamp the 2nd
Edition of Epic and create NetEpic (I wasn't among the true believers, I
joined later). Thus NetEpic was born. You can find the NetEpic rules for
free download at the EpiCentre (the URL of which I can't remember).

Occasionally we will talk about "Heresy", an evolution of the NetEpic rules
conceived by Peter Ramos and Kenneth Peters (aka Tzeench). It is the next
generation of Epic rules. For a copy of the Heresy rules, you need to
contact Peter directly.

We DO NOT talk about Epic40,000. It is the Dark Side of Epic. Long may
its soul burn in the fiery pits of Oblivion.


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