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Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 11:53:52 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 22 Jan 1997, Aaron P Teske wrote:

> Excerpts from Epic: 22-Jan-97 Re: [Epic] Drop Pods by Brett Hollindale_at_powerup
> > At 10:19 AM 21/1/97 -0500, you wrote:
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> > >Excerpts from Epic: 21-Jan-97 [Epic] Drop Pods by Brett Hollindale_at_powerup
> > >> 1. Drop Pods landing on other Drop Pods. I expect this will sound silly,
> > >> but is the bottom Drop Pod destroyed?
> > >
> > >Given that anything but a Titan that a Drop Pod lands on is destroyed,
> > >I'd have to say yes.
> >
> >
> > I might have worded that a little better...
> >
> > What I mean is that since you drop them all together in a single mass, what
> > happens when two counters from the same drop land one on top of the other...
> And I'd have to reiterate what I said above. After all, that means that
> one pod (the top one) is going to be firing its retros *into* another
> pod. These things are hardly indestructable; I'd say the one on the
> bottom dies. If there are any rules in the Hive War supplement on this
> matter, they should probably take precedence.
> Oh, one side note: if two counters land on top of each other *and* on
> ttop of a Titan, then both should hit the Titan. After all, the reason
> they inflict a hit on the Titan is because they hit *before* the retros
> fire, so the two pods just nail the thing.
> Aaron Teske
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Tyrannid pods don't have retros on them. They're just kinda egg things
that hopefully don't splatter their contents all over the landscape, so
I'm not sure if that effects rules for marine pods or not.
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