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From: John A Chapman <jac_at_...>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 12:10:54 +1100 (EST)

> And as long as we're on rules references, Renegades states under Vibrocannon
> that "crossing the streams" as it were results in an additional -1 for every
> cannon fired. So a titan would have -2 (save mod) -1 (ist cannon) -1
> (second cannon) = -4. In any case, a player foolish enough to take 2
> vibrocannons on a titan needs all the help he can get . . .
> Temp
        Agreed - but when have we expected rulings to make sense.There may
be a point to twin TC though - for those jobs you DONT want to stuff up
like nuking a weirdboy under a dragsta shield theyre pretty good ,
theyre the best eldar weapon for taking down buildings (well equal best at
 -3.....) and theyre pretty good for wrecking a titan's leg to stop it moving
away from that monofilament wire....But I do have to agree that pulsars are
by far the best eldar titan weapon . On that note who regularly uses a:eldar
titans without at least one pulsar and who uses the wing rocket launches as
opposed to the lasers (always thought 4BP with no save mod sucked).
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