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From: John A Chapman <jac_at_...>
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 13:18:37 +1100 (EST)

> That can be a problem alright. I can't think of a 100% way to counter it.
> How large is your playing board? Could you place your Firestorms farther
> forward? Unless you are playing on a large board and/or you are placing
> your Firestorms too far back I would have thought most/some would have
> been in range. Any other suggestions out there?
        I never expect 100% counters (heck if I did it would probably be some
other person writing here complaining about me :). Our boars is almost
rectangular - a bit over 2m wide and between 115 and 125 cm from on side to
the other. Basically if a firestorm lines up on the start line it can just
reach the other side on 1/2 the board and almost reach it on the other half.
I think thats about the suggested size....As soon as you start taking angles
into account it stops FSs ever taking more than 1 Thawk per shot....
> But I will, IMHO you have created a problem with a 'reasonable' houserule.
> I've been following this thread (probably the single best thread
> on the list right now IMHO) and have come to the conclusion that you are
> just being screwed. Some would argue that you are being cheesed out, but
> I don't buy that. What it looks like to me is that most of the house
> rules you have agreed to strengthin your opponent (chaos) and weaken you
> (eldar). The problem isn't that one army is weaker than another it is
        Yeah Ive basically come up with that conclusion myself. Most of our
house rules look good and cheese-limiting in isolation but when combined
tend towards advantaging and disadvantaging certain armies. All armies have
particularly effective/cheesy units. Take them away from one army nd leave
them in another and you get balance problems...The problem being the rules
lawyers dont want to give up an advantage while the anti-cheesers usually have
trouble seeing any drawback when a 'reasonable' rule cuts down a cheesy unit.
Heck its not that some rules dont give ME an advantage - the skimmer rules
are both more 'reasonable' and advantage me (ie ending turn on difficult terrain
). But overall I do feel somewhat persecuted by the "reasonableness"at times :).

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