Re: [Epic] How do the Army lists work?

From: Dirk Vormann <DVormann_at_...-Duisburg.DE>
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 18:44:09 +0100 (MEZ)

> Larry "Liquid" Plummer wrote:
> > I have been looking around like crazy and cannot find it anywhere that
> > states the command unit is a main force unit. Wouldn't that defeat the
> > purpose of having actual command unit stands? A prime example of non main
> > force command can be found on page 18 of WD 216. It shows 1 commander unit,
> > 2 seperate command sections, AND 8 main force squads. That leads a person to
> > think that command units are seperate from main force units. If anyone has a
> > rule or WD stating different, please let me know.
> I think they're talking about something a little different. When
> you don't choose a commander from the command section, but instead
> choose one of your main force to be the command, that main force
> unit is not moved to the command section, freeing up a main force
> slot. Any units chosen from the command section up top don't
> take a main force slot.
> Andy Skinner

You are thinking correctly. This was about having either a main force or a
support unit as HQ for +25 points.

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