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From: Richard Bright <r.bright_at_...>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 08:23:35 +1200 ()

All my armies are stored in a large double-door sorting
closet which is ex-Post Office issue. Each sorting slot
holds a cutlery tray and 3 - 5 trays are needed for each
army. When I need to take an army anywhere I simply take
out the appropriate trays and stack them in a large tool
box (the kind without draws or shelves). The tool box is
lockable and in the three years I've been using this system
I have had just one banner break off - no other damage.

The titans all fit in a couple of double-height sorting
slots when in the closet and when I transport them I carry
them in a wooden wine bottle box (holds up to four
Warlords), which also fits inside the tool box.

Because I am transfering cutlery trays to the tool
box instead of individual figures, loading-up takes about
two minutes.

I picked up the cupboard at a second-hand store for about
NZ$150 and the trays cost about $2 each from Kmart. The
tool box is big enough that I can easily carry 5000 - 6000
points at a time as well as dice and rulers etc, and I
still have one hand free for carrying a suitcase full of

Richard "Is That On-Topic Enough For You?" Bright
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