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From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 21:17:33 +1300 (BST)

For a while I have been wondering how we can construct decent maps
for battle reports, so that it will be easier to understand what
happens in battles. I had a brain wave today, I realised that
paint brush, an application program on my PC might be the answer.
So attached to this is email is a paint brush map of the battle
report below. I would appreciate if list members let me
know if they can read the map, and if you can, what you think of it.


Verrick, the grand inquisitor, surveyed the hilly and woody terrain
before him and cursed. This terrain was exactly the wrong type
which fight Chaos in. Chaos would be able to use the woods and the
hills to avoid the massed fire of the space marines on overwatch and
IG support weapons 'Oh well', he said to IG captain beside him,
'whats done is done, we have to hold this ground, GHQ is relying on us
to cover the retreat'.

Scenerio: meeting engagement

table length: 6 feet by 4 feet, the battle was fought length ways.

Armies points values: 1750

Army Type: IG vs Chaos

IG Army list:

1 IG infantry detachment with
     - 6 squads (all upgraded to commissars
     - 9 support weapons
     - 3 Ogryns
1 Tank detachment with
    - 7 leman Russ
    - 7 hellhounds
1 Artillery detachment with
   - 4 Siege
   - 4 heavy
   - 3 Hydras
1 Ordinatus (armed with deathrays)

1 Space marine detachment (in drop pods)

  - 1 Captain
  - 1 Librian
  - 2 teminators squads
  - 6 normal squads
Chaos Army list:

- 2 detachments with artillery and noise marines
- 1 detachment with terminators and landraiders
- 4 detachments with Chaos marines in rhinos

Turn 1:

- I win intiative and moved the CIC detachment at march on the road. I
  Left 1 bike squad of the CIC detachment on road into the woods, to
  prevent Chaos marching up road and to be with 15cm of Chaos's
  objectives, the other 3 squads moved to within 15cm of the IG
  objectives on my left flank.
- The Rest of IG army marched along the road, except for the artillery
  which went on overwatch.
- Chaos marched all his detachments. 2 Chaos marine detachments headed
  for each of the woods on hills on both my left and right flanks.
  The Chaos Landraiders moved to cover the road. The noise marines went
  into the buildings.
Turn 2:

- My Space marines drop into the woods on my right flank, each side
  played 3 fate cards each to assist in the combat between the Chaos
  and space marines. The space marines lost the close combat inspite of
  having a +1 on the die roll, only 2 units of space marines survived.
- The space marine CIC detachment was wiped out by Chaos marines (on my
  left falnk) in close combat (I forgot to move the detachment). My
  tank detachment immediatley avenged the death of the CIC by kicking
  the Chaos marines off the IG objectives.
Turn 3:

- I played orbital barrage and assassin on one of his artillery
  detachments which prevented it from firing this turn.
- The tank detachment was broken by chaos marines.
- IG infantry charged and broke the chaos marines on right flank,
   with support from the ordinatus.
Turn 4:

- IG detachment loses 30% of its units to Chaos artillery fire.
- IG support weapons wipe out the landraiders.
- Ordinatus and artillery break the terminators and Chaos artillery

I had 6 morale and my opponent -10 (if I remember correctly)

Lessons learned:

- The space marines should have been dropped on my left flank to support
  the tank detachment, my IG infantry and the ordinatus easily dealt
  with two chaos space marine detachments on my right flank.
- The artillery should have been moved on normal in the first and second
  turns, so they the siege artillery could have gotten within 145cm of
  his artillery.
- The CIC should have been moved out of the charge reach of the chaos
  marine detachments in the movement phase of turn two.


Sean Smith

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