[Epic] Epic shock troops

From: Jason Stephensen <J.Stephensen_at_...>
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 1997 10:22:35 +1000 (EST)

>Shock troops such as the marines have historically made big differences in
>entire wars, let alone certain battles. Look at some of the feats performed
>by the French Foreign Legion, the U.S. Marines, the Buffalo Soldiers, or any
>number of elite units throughout history. The German shocktroops in WWI
>were one of the few effective troops in trench warfare, they were just too
>little, too late. A year earlier in their development, and they might have
>turned the tide.

The U.S. marines are shock troops? Sorry couldn't resist.

BTW the best of the SS for the germans in WW2 were never germans. The
Danish, Czechs and other eastern Europeans were the best, which I found very
amusing to discover.

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