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Date: Thu, 6 Mar 1997 17:06:22 +1000 (EST)

>> You wouldn't be able to give an example of builing a detachment, and/or
>> how the unit costs work to do so?
>No problem, since I'm an Imperial Guard player I'll do an example of that.
>SO I go to the Armies book and look under Imperial.
>We've got IG infantry, Armor, Artillery, and SHV Company... I'll start
>with Infantry.

>Now to the main force. IG infantry gets up to 3 squads for each command
>squad taken so I can get up to 6 squads. More often a detachment list
>will allow you to choose up to 10 squads, but IG is a special case. The
>choices are: Regular, Heavy and Rough Rider. I'll take 2 Regular at 14
>points each squad (2 units / squad = 4 units) and 4 Hvy at 14 points each
>(1 unit / squad = 4 units). The upgrades are the same for both types:
>include a Commisar (Hero) and mount in a Chimera. I've got 8 stands so
>I'll need 4 Chimeras.

OK so they have gone the way of 40K and the good old assault guys are gone.
great, so if I actually want to use them I can't by the new rules. Not only
do they expect us to rebase all the infantry/bikes/cav they really have
wiped them out.

>Point totals for main force: 2x14 (Reg) + 4x14 (Hvy) + 4x14 (Chimeras) =
>140 Points.
>Finally is the Support. You can only choose as many support as you have
>squads in the main force so I'm limited to 6. Choices are: Ratlings,
>Ogryn, Sentinel, Support Weapon, Leman Russ, Demolisher, Griffon,
>Hellhound, Hydra.

So predators are gone as well?

I take it the artillery are made up as their own squads?

>Since I'm mechanised I won't take more inf. I'll take 1 Sentinel squadron
>which allows me from 1-5 Sentinels at 8 points per. I'll take 5. And for
>funsies I'll take 2 Lema Russ tanks at 32 points each, to give my chimeras
>some cover while transporting. I've only take 3 out of my 6 support slots
>but that's plenty for this detachment.
>Points for Support: 5x13 (Sentinels) + 2x32 (Leman Russ) = 129
>So let's see what we've got:
>1x IG Command
>1x IG Command (+Psyker)
>4x IG Regulars (2 squads)
>4x IG Hvy (4 squads)
>5x Chimeras
>5x Sentinels (1 squad)
>2x Leman Russ
>Points total is: 88 (Command) + 140 (Main) + 129 (Support) = 257 points.
>There you go.

Thanks. It gives a great insight into what they want people to do with their
armies. The points system is actually intriguing, even if it looks much like
the earlier points system that they had to replace with the cards as it was
just too ungainly (?) I guess what is old is new again. If it wasn't for the
massive changes of rules/ minature basing/ price increases I probably would
have given this new game a go.

The problem is they are just making it a teeney tiny 40K in it's make-up.
Well it's what they wanted, but those of us that think 40K sucks, it's
little help. I know the game system is apparently new, but it still reeks of
40K to me.

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