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From: Tristrim Peter Murnane <tmurnane_at_...>
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 12:02:30 +1000 (EST)

        Ok, after playing my 1st 2 games of epic 40K, I think (and I can't
be alone can I?) I've noted some stuf ups. Sorry if's this has been talked
        IG infantry companies can NOT get more than 3(!!!) units as the
main force!! What the &^%$! Everybody else bar Elder can get more than
that, IG tanks get more. On the aussmption that is's a missprint, I played
using the standerd 10, and it worked ok. IS this a missprint?!?! hell,
that means the ruls say you can get 10 support for 3 main force units.
        Inquestiors, marine captains etc in one place (the description)
say they get 4 powers(?), ,Hero, commander, stubbon and fast fire.
However, on both the army lists and the demo detatchment lists, it
neglects 2 of these. Presumbly they get all 4.
        IS it really stupid to attack anyone in CC, considering they
always seem to get snap fire? My reaver got close to his Warlord that was
pretty damaged to mabye CC it, and he (cause he still had 3 weapons) then
fired everything he ahd to knock my shields down and luckly only do 2
damage points. Because of snapfire, anyone, but particaly titans, can blow
up anyone getting that close. Or am I reading the rules wrong? I assume I am.
        Funny thing that happened. farseer + 8 aspects CC drop down behind
Orc large force, and get scragged after orcy shooting, leaving only the
farseer left. Next turn, 8 orc figter bombers come down to attack my tanks
on the other side of the seer. (the orc played forget the 'seer was
there). Result, the farseer gets out his laspistol, points up in the air,
(and if we read snapfire aginast flyers correctly, where you get 1 shot at
everyone coming near 1 at a time) and kills 3 flyers, and forces 3 more to
return to base! Or, should the farseer only had 1 shot aginast the
detachment of flyers?
        Yayyy! IG tanks can now survive 1 turn of ppl shooting at them!
Finnanly I can play an IG tank division thwey way it was ment to be played.
        We also found air power is inderspendable. IF you have air
surpermacy, those marching deamons/cultaists/chaos marines get shot to
pieces very effectly :). And that even a small fighter force can act to
blunt enemy air attacks, or at least make them smaller etc. I can see
every army I play now having air cover of some sort. HAs other ppl found
that to be true?
        Our estamiate that the game now runs twice as fast as it used to.
We get a 4 player gamer of 4000pts to get 4 turns in 3 hours, and that's
still lookning up rules/stats every 10 minutes. Before, that would take 6
hours to get 4 turns.
        Noticed also, that if you get a pure IG army, (I know it's all
armies of the Iperialam now), the automatic fireign points (taratuals and
rapirar) are now only in the SM army list. Any particaly reason they took
them out of the IG lists? Can't put them with my arty now to act as a
defense :(.
        If I put my ack ack guns with my heavy arty guns, and put the ack
on the order to shoot down flyers, does that means the arty guns can't do
prepatory bombardment, but other units in the detamcent go on overwatch?
        Overwatch seems to mean (if we're palying it right) that it's even
more powerful than the old first fire. 1 IG infatry companies tore apart
the same number of deamons (small ones) asd chaos marines, long before he
got to CC me. Looks like you need 3-1 odds to storm a position and still
have anybody left at the end. Is that the case with other players?
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