RE: [Epic] Tyranids and loosing combat: WAS: genestealer moves 95cm

From: William A. Calderwood <wac_at_...>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 12:36:30 -0400

>Oh yeah, I've also been playing bugs in E40K lately. Assault Spawn work
>great, as long as they aren't in a detach that loses a close combat.
>Then, if I understand the rules for rampagers correctly, the ones that
>are within 15 cm of the enemy, die.

This only happens if a broken unit ends its retreat movement within 15cm
of the enemy. As tyranids do not break, unless all of the synapsis are
dead, this should not be a problem.

Because someone will want a Quote:

Pg 97

Tyranids always pass any Leadership tests they are required to make
if a swarm has any Synapse creatures stil alive. Test for leadership
as normal if a swarm has no surviving Synapse creatures. In addition,
a Tyranid detachment can never be broken if it still contains Synapse
creatures. If the detachment loses a close combat or firefight it
must retreat as normal, but the detachment is not marked as broken.
The means it may be able to counter-attack those who tried to
drive it off. Not that all tyranid war engines count as synapse

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