[Epic] Thousand sons, useless?

From: Peter Andersson II <cokke_at_...>
Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 08:49:08 +0200 (MET DST)

While reading the FAQ in the battles book I realized that the
thousand sons are pretty useless. Why?

Because it says that unless all units in a detachment are stubborn
the detachment don't get to reroll failed leadership tests.
They go on to point out that this is no problem for space marines
since they're all stubborn, including vehicles, as per the army
However the thousand sons are in trouble. They can't take
a commander (Lord or Tzeentch sorcerer!) since he's not stubborn.
They can't take bikes and they can't take ANY support units since
none of those are stubborn. Strictly by the rules they can't even
get rhino upgrades since CSM rhinos aren't stubborn.

This is especially anoying since SM rhinos, landraiders etc cost
the same and are all stubborn.

This also makes me whish you could buy heavy wepons CSM whitout
stubborn (and pay less) since you're mostly never going to be able
to use it.

Going further I found that although supreme commanders grant
nearby troops the stubborn ability the supreme commander is not
stubborn. Unless you take the view that he's a HQ within 30 cm
of himself and therefore grants himself stubborn, wierd.

The FAQ did mention an alternate method were you get to reroll
if the majority of a detachments units are stubborn. This would
make thousand sons possible, they just can't take to much support
and stuff.

How do others play this?

Maybe this is a question for the primarchs? Somehow you get the
feeling they made sure that SM worked fine with the stubborn ability
and forgot about the thousand sons.

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