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>Andy Skinner wrote:
>> Alan Brain wrote:
>> > Note that in WD 209, a New Pattern Blood Axe Land Raider is shown in
>> > both E40K and WH40K, so Blood Axes are a-comin' sometime anyways.
>> I think that the old Land Raiders look much more Orky. If I were
>> to paint some Blood Axe Land Raiders's I'd definitely use the old
>> ones.
>So would I. Also for Chaos. Not to mention that I have, oh, about 50 or
>so of them...

Have you done any conversion for them ? If you do, please share some of
conversion tips :).I saw some pretty nifty conversion/addition in WD 150+
(?) for Khorne's army. The Landraiders each has a little of the following -
Wolf (Daemon?) head on the bulkhead, horns and spikes on the side of the LR.
And painted in dark shade of blood red. Looks pretty cool. I am thinking of
gluing some horse skulls (WHFB Undead) onto the bulkhead of LRs.

BTW has anybody found a good way to add spikes and horns (basically curve
spikes) to your Chaos Epic stuff ? I tried using toothpicks/ cocktail sticks
but the effect is not quite right. I also tried using the blade part of 40k
knife. Not too bad, but I was thinking of something like this. The horns
     ____| |_____| |____
    / |t| |t| \
       __|r| |r|__
      / |a| |a| \
         |k| |k|

where / is a horn (or a blade)
and / is a smaller horn (or a smaller blade) , so you get a gradation

Any suggestions ?

p.s. BTW, I find it kinda funny that Blood Axe can get LR whereas only the
1st company marines have access to them in a non-SM armour detachment.
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