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From: Dan Lobb <danlobb_at_...>
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 1997 22:12:51 -0700

Thomas Lee Denney wrote:
> At 02:22 PM 6/2/97 +0100, you wrote:
> >sauron1 wrote:
> >>
> >> Sauron1 writes.There used to be metal SM and at least Eldar to I have
> >> three metal individual SM,two with different heavy weapons and one lone
> >> metal SM on a jet bike (remember them)They used to be in the blisters of
> >> larger metal pieces like reavers or tanks.I wish I could have more of
> >> thease my self!
> >
> >I knew that sauron would beat me to this one (but we're both dinosaurs
> >to actually have any of these left). I've got a Mk6 armoured marine
> >with a detailed missile launcher, and a ciouple of Eldar heavy weapons
> >teams fromthe old Adeptus Titanicus blisters (yes, you really could buy
> >a Titan in a blister - care to guess how much the new Phantom will be?)
> I love talking old school. I've got the metal figures and the marine on
> the jet bike. I also have the metal S.M. loading the mole mortar, and
> about 10 of the metal land speeders (man is the antenna big!) It seems the
> only thing I'm missing is those really old lead Warlords that were pictured
> on the A.T. box. I wonder is Sauronl would sell them for $100 each?
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I have a few of the old metal orc wartrax, sm, and eldar. The infantry
figures are closer to 8mm. I think that new scout figure would fall into
the 8mm scale also.

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