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>> The problem that the designers perceived was that the Squats were being =
>> used purely as a sit back and pound the daylights out of the opposition =
>> with artillery.
>What were typical squat forces that people used? I had one regular
>opponent in SM/TL that liked the squats. His army usually went something
>like this:

Our local cheesemonger (Squat warlord) goes for something like

2 Bike Companies
1 Overlord Company
2 Overlord Support Cards
3 Colossi

Naturally he leaves a unit from each bike company in reserve to eliminate
the chance of breaking the bikes...

(He only has 5 Overlords or no doubt we could expect more than 5...)

I'd say you have described a fairly standard Squat Force.


> 3 Overlord Companies (for a total of 9 gas bags)
> 3 Colossi
> 1 Biker Company
> 2 Gyrocopter Companies
>Occaisionally he'd throw in a Warlord Titan Battlegroup or a marine infantry
>company in THawks. Don't think I ever saw a squat infantryman except for
>a Grand Warlord now and again.
>His SHVs and Overlords marched inexorably forward, blasting anything in sight.
>These units packed enough shots (all good shots, too) that cover offered
>little protection. (He needs 7's to hit you? That's all right. He's got
>dice in the double digits to roll.) Besides, cover didn't usually stand
>long unless it was woods.
>The bikes and copters gave him more than enough mobility, incredible CAF
>and carried lots of good shots (all 360 degree). You also coult not break
>them unless you could drop off some units behind his lines to pick off the
>one or two models he needed to hide to make them unbreakable.
>It was scary. You almost had to take every objective marker on the board
>since you weren't really going to be able to get many points out of killing
>his units... and shifting Collossi off of objective markers was damn hard.
>What were other typical squat forces like?
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