[Epic] Old Squat Figs.

From: A J Gallie <gallie_at_...>
Date: Thu Jan 1 00:00:00 1970

Greetings all,
Two things,
Firstly if anyone has any old Squat figures, metal or plastic, esp. infantry for sale / trade / donation to worthy cause please drop me a line. No quantity to large or small for consideration.
Secondly, yesterday I picked up four old Adeptus Titanicus blisters, two Imperial Moles ( lies, lies they're Squat I tell you ), and two three packs of Termites. The 'Bonus' figure in the Termites was a Thunderfire cannon, but the 'Bonus' figure in the Mole is a mystery. It is a weird pointy nosed little jet bike
thing with multiple exhausts and what could be a space marine rider ( then again it could be a chicken in armour , the detail is not superb, or maybe my eyes aren't )
Anyhow if any one can positively identify said item it would be appreciated
Alun Gallie
Beware the Silent Dog ......
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